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Sharpening our webcasting skills

In today's world, technology is changing rapidly. Operating in the Seattle area, along-side companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and more, we are often working with the latest and greatest products and services that are available. That being said, we want to make sure that our staff is properly trained and able to work with new systems and technology. For that reason we organize training sessions for our staff every month. In our latest training session we focused on streaming.

Streaming services are in high-demand when it comes to conferences. There are many advantages to streaming events, the most important being expanding the reach of your message to other physical locations and audiences. There also are a lot of ways to stream an event and they vary by cost and features. Our staff is able to set up, test and monitor your streaming while working with a variety of software and hardware combination. Once everything is in place, your event can stream to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Ustream or other custom solutions. If you are interested in making streaming a part of your event, our technicians are trained and ready to help!


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