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Sean Benson 
Director Of Talent Solutions

I have the privilege of pairing excellent Engineers and Technicians with great Clients and Companies, everyday, all around the world, and couldn't ask for a more fulfilling trade! I hit the road with small, then major label metal tours during and after college as an Audio Systems/PA Tech, working my way up to monitor engineer and stage management. Tiring of living in a people aquarium on the road, I returned to Seattle and completed my degree at AIS in Sound Engineering, with a focus on Concert Sound and Tour Management. Have since done concert and corporate AV events, tours and administration as: Producer, Labor Coor., WH/Ops Mgr., PM, AE, SM, TD, A1/A2, V1/V2, L1/L2, UP/DN Rigger, and more. I've had the privilege of fulfilling these roles for: Northwest Event Technology, AV Factory, AV Concepts, Freeman, AVW-Telav, PSAV, Carlson Audio, ERM, STI, Westsun, Rhino, American Music, Jim Wright Audio, Jive Records, Arista Records, Sony Entertainment, damn-near every Tech, Music, Medical and Auto company, and proud support of Every Branch of America's dedicated Armed Forces and First-Responders.
Since moving back to Seattle in 2007, I've had the pleasure of working with great people on great events, and look forward to many more! A dedicated husband and father of our two little boys, Dylan and Logan. Deep Passions for Physics, Astronomy, Kayaking, carpentry, all things mechanical, skating, camping, hiking, mountain biking. Slap Metal Bassist-'Killing Roots' 2007-2010 on Black Sheep Records; Locally sponsored street skater 1993-95. I still Love mixing monitors, Intelligent Lighting, booking and promoting local metal bands, record arrangement and production, general audiophile and music nut of all genres.



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