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At Northwest Event Technology we don’t believe you can automate the relationship building process.  Events are dynamic experiences that are each unique in scale and scope, and require more attention than simply pulling names out of a data base or putting the load back on you by making you choose through endless pages of un-vetted crew members.  Our team at NET has been staffing technical productions and events for nearly 2 decades in the Seattle and Pacific Northwest region, and we are proud of our experienced and trusted team of project managers, technicians, engineers and stage crew that deliver day in and day out on behalf of our partners and clients.  

Our crews and project managers have intimate knowledge of almost every ballroom and space that hosts events in our region, and our 14,000sf facility is equipped with multiple dock high bays and trucks, which means logistics support from a local partner is just a phone call away.  We know you will see a difference when you turn to NET for support of your productions, and we look forward to building that trusted relationship with you and your team to help make your events more streamlined and stress free for decades to come.  Let’s create something special!  Call us today!

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