Jun 30

Northwest Event Technology

Travel Light (Don't Bring "Coals to Newcastle.") *

Posted by Northwest Event Technology


Not long ago, we had just finished packing up a show, and as we stood on the loading dock taking a little breather, we witnessed the unloading of a truck coming in for the next event scheduled for that venue. The truck had come in from out of town, and had brought in so many basic components you’d think they were setting up at Burning Man in the middle of the desert. There were sandbags, there was steel, there was scenery; all of the elements commonly used in substantial events, that also happen to be the most expensive to ship. And we asked ourselves: Why? Why truck all these elementary supplies to a major metropolitan market?

Maybe it’s because Seattle is still sometimes thought of as the rustic “Gateway to the Yukon.” In some people’s minds we’re that little frontier town west of the Rockies where the sidewalks are made of wood and the toilets don’t flush. But nothing could be further from the truth. Here in the Pacific Northwest (and certainly at NET) we’re provisioned, connected, and ready. You can leave the “coal” at home.

You don’t need to ding your budget shipping hefty components like sand, steel, and scenic to Seattle; we have a wide-ranging network of trusted vendors and suppliers who will ensure you’ll have a successful show without bringing everything and the kitchen sink along.

You don’t need to bring equipment. Once upon a time, when high-end audio and video gear was not designed to travel — and analog electronics were touchier and less reliable — it made sense for a client to bring along their own tried-and-true gear. With the improvement and standardization of video and audio equipment over the years, this is no longer necessary, or even advisable. The location and condition of virtually every professional-grade projector, camera, switcher, and speaker across the country is a known factor. We can get you what you need; you don’t have to bring it with you.

You don’t need to travel in staff for a show. Seattle, in general, is filled with seasoned professionals across every discipline involved in producing shows and events. And NET, in particular, has a license to do business in Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii, and contacts and experience that stretches from Delaware to Dubai. So when it comes to crewing your show, you can receive the most logical and cost-effective option.

We’re proud the Seattle event production market is abundantly capable. Anyone planning a show here should feel free and unencumbered while crafting an event. Just bring your concepts and creativity. Let us worry about the rest. Travel light. We’ve got you.

*So what’s with the coal? The saying, “Don’t carry coals to Newcastle,” is not used as commonly as it once was, but it still represents a definition first documented back in 1661: “To do what was done before; or busy one's self in a needless employment.” This expression stems from the reality of English city Newcastle-upon-Tyne being one of the world’s largest coal-mining and exporting centers from the Middle Ages on into the 20th century. You never took coal there because they already had lots. Fun fact: Here in the Pacific Northwest we have our very own Newcastle, just east of Seattle and south of Bellevue — which can be reached on Coal Creek Parkway.