Meet The Team

Jason Boulden

General Manager

Ian Akers

Senior Account Executive/Co-Owner

Steve Baker

Senior Technical Director/Co-Owner

Damien Anderson

Senior Project Manager/Co-Owner

Michael Cox, VP, Capitol AV

They went above and beyond on several occasions to insure that my conference went perfectly.


NET is well regarded for their flexibility and ability to easily accept changeā€¦

Paul Killebrew, Run Studios

Steve is a "go-to" guy for me as an a/v and webcast Producer. Steve's skills in this area are best in class.

Al Simonds, FREEMAN AV

...the crew was one of the best we've had in the 23 years I've worked...



From one to many, we can help craft your message and vision through all appropriate mediums.

  Management & Logistics

Having the answers. Maximizing your resources from beginning to end. With careful planning, precise implementation, and strategic follow up.

Theater & Entertainment

Shared experiences build relationships. If all of the world is a stage, make sure that everyone can hear and see.

    Events & Tradeshows

Your product in a perfect pitch. Building business by sharing information.

          Staging & Scenic

What you stand on makes you stand out. Creating an unique environment guarantees a memorable experience.

              Labor Support

People. We partner with the most talented professionals in the industry.


What you need, not what we own. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We design hardware solutions custom tailored to your needs.

  Speaker Management

Do no harm. Not everyone is on a stage every day. We are. Let us help your presenters achieve a higher level of confidence.

    Media Management

Where's Waldo? Finding what you need when you need it in a digital world.


Anywhere. Anytime. Your message is important, make sure it is accessible.


Capture the moment. You never know what you have until its gone. Preserve your moment in history.

    Intellectual Capital

Not just hardware, not just labor, your ideas realized.

Not just hardware, not just labor, your ideas realized.

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